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Tom Biehn

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Tom Biehn brings his background as a remodeling contractor and his life experiences as an Oregon grown farm boy to help you with your home purchase.  He grew up on an orchard property in Hood River, Oregon and has continued to make his home in Oregon.  Tom has a natural curiosity about everything which serves him and you well as he explores the home you have selected.  Tom has hands-on experience working with older buildings, drainage systems, wood deterioration repairs, roofing and deck replacements, and window installation among other old and new construction techniques. 

Tom is married and a father of seven children.  He has three grandchildren and is expecting his fourth grandchild soon.

He understands the challenges of buying a family home and keeping up with maintenance.   Tom Biehn works at 'Helping You Make an Informed Decision'TM, whether you are moving into a larger home, a smaller home, out onto a ranch, or into a condo.  He holds an Oregon Certified Home Inspectors certification and Construction Contractors Board License.  He has received specialty training to become a Home Inspector and proudly credits his real estate industry repair experience for encouraging him to pursue home inspections as a career.  Tom looks forward to working with you on your home purchase.

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