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Buying a rural home?  Most lenders require a 5 gallons per minute of water available.  The well flow test generally takes about 4 hours. We perform a thorough and rigorous test of the well and its components, including sounding the well for depth and metering the flow during this 4 hour flow test.


Water testing is required during a real estate transaction by the State of Oregon. All well water that is used for domestic purposes must be tested for Nitrates and Coliform Bacteria. We can take the water sample for you, have it analyzed and provide you with the necessary paperwork to meet the State of Oregon reporting requirements.  Results are available in 7-10 days, so order testing early enough to meet your closing deadline.

Concerned about other water quality issues? many water testing services are available, such as peace of mind water testing, lead in water and arsenic in water. Contact us with your special need.