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Serving Oregon Home Buyers, Sellers, and Real Estate Agents with Professional Certified Inspections Since 1989

INSPECTIONS UNLIMITED, INC has been serving Oregon homebuyers, sellers and Real Estate Agents with high-quality professional inspections since 1989. The original office was founded in Salem by Dan and Shelley Lubbers 20 years ago and has grown to 10 franchise offices in Oregon, covering almost 20 counties. If you are a contractor and would like more information about franchise options, additional information is available in the FRANCHISE tab, or CONTACT US directly.

We offer full home inspection services to home buyers, sellers, investors, and property owners. We also have professionals that offer inspections services for commercial, multi-family, environmental needs.  For information about your specific inspections.need explore this website in the INSPECTIONS tab or contact us.

EDUCATION and training is of the utmost importance in the INSPECTIONS UNLIMITED family of franchisee inspectors. Our inspectors complete many hours of hands-on training provided by highly skilled inspectors.  In addition, each inspector continues to receive regular training on the various aspects of home inspection, building components, and customer service.

Our inspections thoroughly cover all aspects of the home a new purchaser will need to make an informed decision about home ownership. Each franchise inspector has many hours of training and experience in home and/or commercial, multi-family and rural inspections. Most of the inspectors have  been building contractors or have worked in the construction industry for many years.  Please contact one of our professional inspectors today for your next home inspection. We are here "HELPING YOU MAKE INFORMED DECISIONS"™ .

We have offices serving central and western Oregon, serving Salem, Portland, Eugene, Corvallis, Roseburg and Bend and outlying areas. More details about each location can be viewed in our
LOCATIONS tab. All our franchise inspectors are intent on providing their clients with an informed decision about their home purchase.

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